Codex of conduct UNIWELL Group

Uniwell Rohrsysteme GmbH

Uniwell Cz s.r.o.


UNIWELL Group companies and their employees are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to act ethically anytime, anywhere. This is also expected from our suppliers and business partners. This code of conduct is a voluntary personal commitment.

In addition, the UNIWELL Group operates its stores with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. This Code of Conduct sets out the rules for the business relations of all UNIWELL companies and their business partners.

This includes implementing and complying with appropriate guidelines and procedures, allocating the required resources, training staff, establishing a system for reporting complaints and breaches, and improving processes, for example by conducting internal audits and analyses followed by corrective action.

To this end, the UNIWELL Group expects its suppliers to ensure that its suppliers and subcontractors adhere to the standards of this Code and also comply with all applicable laws and act ethically and always and everywhere.

Violation of the requirements of this Code may jeopardize the supplier's business relationship with the UNIWELL Group and may lead to the termination of the supplier relationship.

Reporting of non-compliance or violation

The open expression of ideas decisively contributes to the fact that erroneous behavior rarely occurs or. to be identified and corrected in time. That is why we emphasize an open climate in which employees can turn to their superior or business management without critical and complete confidence, even with critical circumstances. Managers encourage open discussion, stand by their employees, and follow the ideas expressed fairly and impartially.

Human rights

We respect the rights of all employees who work for us.


We do not discriminate against our employees on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, pregnancy or maternity, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, political or personal opinions. See also § 1 and § 2 AGG.


We create a work environment that is free from harassment and mobbing of any kind or other offensive behavior and without respect.

Labor standards

We comply with the labor laws of the countries and regions in which we operate and international standards as established by the International Labor Organization (ILO). If there are inconsistencies between internationally recognized standards and the laws of the country concerned, higher standards must be observed.

Refusal of forced labor

We do not tolerate any forced labor, slavery, punishment, subjugation or human trafficking.

Refusal of child labor & protection of juvenile employees

We do not employ children at any stage of the production of products or the provision of services. The term "child" refers to any person under the age of 15 or below the minimum age for employment in the country concerned. We do not use any minors for activities that, due to their nature or other circumstances, may damage the health, safety or morals of the juvenile.

Working hours & wages

We do not expect our employees to work longer than allowed by law, and we will pay them at least the statutory minimum wage.

Freedom of assembly

We guarantee freedom of assembly.

Safety and health

We provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment. This complies with international, national and industry-standard standards.


We comply with regional and international environmental laws, regulations and principles. To keep the environmental impact of our business activities to a minimum, we do everything we can to save the environment and support environmentally friendly processes and the development of environmentally friendly products.

Fair business practices

We advocate fair, ethical business practices in accordance with the rules and with a sense of responsibility.


We comply with anti-corruption laws and regulations applicable to our business activities. In all transactions with the UNIWELL Group or transactions otherwise relating to the UNIWELL Group, we do not transfer any of the value - directly or indirectly - to a third party or third party employees in order to obtain illegal benefits.

This prohibition includes bribes and other benefits.

In addition, no supplier should provide UNIWELL members with any benefits, including gifts or entertainment, that could give rise to suspicions of unfairness.

Conflicts of interest

We ensure that no personal relationship is used to influence the business decisions of a UNIWELL member. If the Contractor or the Contractor's employee is related to or has another relationship with a UNIWELL member, which may include potential conflicts, the Contractor should immediately notify the UNIWELL Group.

Fair competition

We comply with all cartel and competition laws and regulations and do not engage in illegal anti-competitive activities. In particular, our suppliers should not engage in negotiations that may be considered restrictive of competition between the UNIWELL Group and its competitors.


International trade controls

We comply with International Trade Controls and sanctions.

We do not conduct any business with or operate from sanctioned countries / regions and individuals.

Prohibition of dealing with criminal organizations or persons

We do not engage in criminal activities or maintain relationships with criminal organizations or individuals.

Correct accounting and finance

We are committed to true, accurate and complete accounting and compliance with tax legislation.

Data protection

We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions on data protection in which we are active, especially when handling personal data.

The UNIWELL IT guidelines contain all the necessary data security and access security measures. UNIWELL documents, controls, corrects and invests in the necessary measures for IT security.

Intellectual property

We do not use the intellectual property of others without the consent of the proper owner. Intellectual property includes patents, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how and product brands.

Investment assets of the UNIWELL group

If investment assets are made available to the UNIWELL Group by its customers, we use them exclusively for the intended business purpose. In addition, we protect confidential information in connection with our business partners and do not pass it on.

Applicable law

Substantive law applies to this declaration, to which deliveries and payments are also subject. Unless otherwise agreed, this statement is subject to German law with the jurisdiction of Ebern for the Uniwell Group, and Czech law with the jurisdiction of Zdíkov, for the company Uniwell cz s.r.o ..

Report non-compliance or violation

In case of violation of the above principles or laws, employees or business partners may turn to responsible superiors, business management or corporate council.

Ebern, 27.02.2018